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In the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of eCommerce, the need for innovative financing solutions has never been more crucial. Afundy, a Middle East-based revenue-based financing provider, is stepping into this space with a unique mission – to assist eCommerce stores worldwide in reaching their full potential. The company envisions becoming an industry leader in the realm of Islamic fin-tech, dedicated to powering the global eCommerce economy.

Mission and Vision

Afundy’s vision is clear: to be a driving force in Islamic fin-tech and a catalyst for the growth of the global eCommerce sector. The company operates with a commitment to ethical and interest-free financing, aligning with Islamic principles. Their mission is to provide a platform for online sellers to raise the necessary capital without incurring interest or sacrificing equity, thereby fostering the sustainable growth of their eCommerce ventures.

The Afundy Advantage

Afundy distinguishes itself with its innovative approach to financing – “grow now, pay later.” By offering revenue-based financing, the company enables eCommerce businesses to access the capital they need to expand without the burden of interest payments. This model not only aligns with Islamic finance principles but also promotes a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between Afundy and the businesses it supports.

Leadership at the Helm

At the heart of Afundy is its Founder and CEO, Mohammed Sabbagh. A seasoned professional with over 16 years of experience in Commercial Management, Sabbagh holds a dual MBA in Revenue Management and Islamic Finance. His extensive background in leading real estate developers in the Middle East positions him as a visionary leader, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of the eCommerce and financial sectors.

Beyond Afundy, Mohammed Sabbagh serves as the Chairman of Hotel 21, a contemporary hotel brand operating in the significant locale of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. His multifaceted experience reflects a commitment to driving growth not only within the fin-tech sector but also in complementary industries.

Collaborative Growth

Afundy’s “grow now, pay later” philosophy embodies its dedication to collaborative growth. By providing interest-free financing, the company aligns its success with that of the eCommerce businesses it supports. This collaborative approach not only ensures the sustainability of Afundy but also fosters a thriving ecosystem where businesses can flourish without the financial constraints traditionally associated with growth.

As eCommerce continues to reshape the global economy, financing solutions that accommodate the unique needs of online businesses are paramount. Afundy’s commitment to ethical, interest-free financing positions it as a pioneer in the Islamic fin-tech space. Under the leadership of Mohammed Sabbagh, Afundy is not merely a financing provider but a strategic partner for eCommerce businesses looking to scale their operations without compromising on their principles. In a world where innovation is key, Afundy stands out as a beacon for businesses seeking growth through collaboration, empowerment, and responsible financial practices.

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