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In the dynamic world of photography and videography, OctoMedia stands out as a beacon of creativity and professionalism. Founded by the talented photographers Brian & Yousef, OctoMedia has become a trusted name in the industry, offering a range of services that cater to diverse needs.

At the heart of OctoMedia are Brian Jude Reyes and Yousef, skilled and passionate photographers who co-founded the company. With an eye for detail and a unique artistic vision, Brian has played a pivotal role in shaping OctoMedia into what it is today. His dedication to the craft and commitment to delivering exceptional results have earned OctoMedia a stellar reputation in the field.

OctoMedia takes pride in being the extra set of hands that businesses need to bring their visions to life. Specializing in both photography and videography, OctoMedia has become a go-to partner for a diverse range of projects. Whether it’s capturing the glamour of the fashion world, the tempting allure of food, the intricate details of products, the sophistication of real estate, the professionalism of corporate headshots, or the vibrancy of events, OctoMedia delivers with finesse.

The success of OctoMedia is best reflected in the words of its satisfied clients. Allwyn Dsouza from Sapience Consultancy commends the Octo team for their quick response, readiness with equipment, and excellent video and photo quality. Venessa, a model, expresses her satisfaction with the quick and professional work, friendly team, and positive atmosphere. Dev from Brown Kabul Gold appreciates Octo’s creativity and passion, emphasizing the familial feel of their collaboration.

Even Dr. Abdullah Alkendy, the Executive Director of ICPM, acknowledges Octo Studio’s professionalism and comprehensive coverage of their conference. Hajer Samarrai expresses pleasure in working with Octo Studio and looks forward to future collaborations. Dr. Walid from Nirvana Hub commends Octo for its adaptability, high-quality deliverables, and timeliness.

OctoMedia invites you to experience success with just a click. Their user-friendly website provides a glimpse into their portfolio across various genres, showcasing their expertise and creativity. The studio is equipped to handle a wide array of projects, and the team’s professionalism ensures a seamless experience from concept to delivery.

Contacting OctoMedia is as easy as reaching out to their dedicated team. Whether you have inquiries about their services or want to discuss a potential collaboration, OctoMedia encourages you to get in touch. Brian Jude Reyes, along with the team, can be reached via email at or For a more direct approach, you can call them at +97154 355 6658 or +97154 355 6640.

Visit OctoMedia at their office located in Umm Ramoo, Dubai – UAE. The address is Office 13, R270 Building, Nad Al Hamar Road.

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