“Success Unveiled: A Conversation with CEO and Managing Partner of CEO Clubs Network on the 18th Anniversary, exploring their triumphant leadership journey.”

In an exclusive interview, we engage in a deep conversation with the visionary leaders spearheading CEO Clubs Network, an award-winning, membership-based international organization based in Dubai marking its 18th anniversary on February 7th. Dr. Tariq Nizami, Founder and CEO, and Ms. Sarah Dong, the Managing Partner, provide valuable insights into the company’s journey, future aspirations, and the guiding principles shaping their leadership.

Dr. Tariq Nizami, Founder and CEO of CEO Clubs Network

Q.  As CEO Clubs Network celebrates the 18th anniversary, what can you share on the organization’s evolution and growth over the years?

Celebrating our 18th anniversary, CEO Clubs Network Regional office in Dubai has evolved from its inception to a dynamic community of nearly 1000 members. Our commitment to collaboration and innovation has fueled growth, expanding our reach from USA to UAE, Asia, Europe and Africa. Today, we stand as a vibrant ecosystem, fostering business synergies and professional development. We are grateful for our members’ dedication and we look forward to shaping the future of CEO Clubs Community.

Ms. Sarah Dong, Managing Partner

Q. How has CEO Clubs Network impacted the professional lives of its members, and what role does the membership play in fostering meaningful connections?

Through knowledge sharing, business synergies, and exclusive access to a high-profile network, members benefit from strategic networking opportunities to tailor-made connections, PR & Marketing exposure to partnership & business opportunities. The organization’s commitment to leadership development ensures members stay ahead in their industries, creating a culture of trust and collaboration community.  

During the pandemic, CEO Clubs demonstrated its commitment to members by assisting in sourcing medical supplies including ventilators in the emergency situation. Notably, when one member faced business closure, they seamlessly transitioned into a director role within another member company. This exemplifies the club’s ability to facilitate quality connections and leverage a broad international network

Q. With chapters across the globe, how has the international expansion contributed to the network’s success, and what challenges were overcome in establishing a global presence?

CEO Clubs’ global expansion fueled success by fostering cross-border opportunities and diverse collaborations. Overcoming challenges like regulatory variations and cultural differences, the network strategically navigated international growth, creating a cohesive global community of business leaders. Our upcoming chapters will be from EU, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

We anticipate the upcoming visit from CEO Clubs Greece and are excited about the networking opportunities and potential collaborations set to unfold in March this year.

Q. CEO Clubs is known for innovative events. Can you highlight some memorable events or initiatives that have set the organization apart in the business networking landscape?

We vividly recall our engagement with the Rwanda Embassy during the EXPO2020, where we successfully organized a forum within a tight 5-day timeframe, exceeding client expectations with an impressive turnout and exceptional quality.

Similarly, the Tanzania Pavilion at COP28 expressed great satisfaction with our comprehensive support in hospitality, logistics, branding, marketing, and event management. We not only met their needs but also fostered a sense of camaraderie, leaving an unforgettable experience for both visitors and delegations

Q. The network had a remarkable 18 years of member engagement programs. How has the organization maintained a high level of engagement, and what strategies contribute to member satisfaction?

We assign a dedicated Member Support Manager to each of our members, ensuring personalized assistance. Our managers follow the Member Engagement Program, and upon joining the club, members will start with an orientation and share their goals after joining. This approach guarantees that members not only benefit from networking opportunities but also achieve their goals throughout the membership cycle.

Q. The CEO Clubs Membership spans various sectors. How does the organization tailor its services to meet the diverse needs of both private and public sector members?

Adapting our strategy, we provide tailored programs, sector-specific events, and industry expertise. Members benefit from advisory services and targeted networking. Public sector members receive additional support, including assistance with investment forums and FDI-related services, ensuring their specific needs are met with a focused audience and relevant resources.  In diplomatic dealings, we adhere to protocols and goals, seamlessly executing with guidance from the president and ministerial team. CEO Clubs has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, reinforcing its commitment to delivering enhanced services to its esteemed members.

Q. In an era of digital connectivity, how has the CEO Clubs leveraged technology to enhance member experience and communication?

The CEO Clubs Mobile App functions as a communication and networking tool, facilitating member connections and sharing. We organize industry-focused online meetings via Zoom, connecting members internationally. Additionally, we’re exploring third-party apps to enhance our communication system, enabling connections with other communities.

Q. What exciting initiatives or milestones can members and partners anticipate from CEO Clubs Network in the coming years?

CEO Clubs Members can anticipate captivating international business trips focused on expanding their businesses, exploring new investment opportunities, and discovering fresh business prospects. The annual 7th Burj CEO Awards, our signature business award event, promises excitement and surprises. Members will forge connections with international counterparts both online and offline, fostering a thriving network of like-minded individuals to boost their businesses in 2024.

Q. How do Category Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities contribute to the overall objectives of CEO Clubs? 

Category partnerships and sponsorship opportunities play a pivotal role in building and maintaining the high-quality community of CEO Clubs Network. Our partners and sponsors consistently express satisfaction, particularly in terms of marketing, branding, lead generation, and sales. The value they receive makes their investment worthwhile, contributing to the success and prestige of our events and network.

Q. What challenges has CEO Clubs faced, and what valuable lessons have been learned along the way? How have these experiences shaped the organization?

CEO Clubs has faced challenges such as adapting to the busy schedules of CEOs, seamlessly integrating technology, and promoting the intrinsic value of networking through education. Valuable lessons include the importance of flexibility, understanding diverse markets, member-centric approaches, technological adaptation, meticulous event planning, and diplomatic adherence. These experiences have shaped CEO Clubs into a resilient, adaptable, and globally aware organization focused on continuous improvement and strategic innovation.

Q. As CEO Clubs Network marks its 18th successful year, what message would you like to convey to the world about the organization’s journey, achievements, and the vision you hold for its future?

“As we reflect on the remarkable journey of CEO Clubs Network over the past 18 years, Its reminded that our success is not merely defined by the challenges we’ve overcome, but by the collective spirit of collaboration, innovation, and dedication that defines our community. Looking ahead, we are excited about the endless possibilities and the meaningful connections that will vitality into business expansion. Together, we will continue to navigate new horizons, inspire growth, and foster a global network where business leaders thrive. Thank you to our members, partners, and the entire CEO Clubs family for being an integral part of this extraordinary adventure.”- Dr. Tariq Nizami, Founder and CEO, CEO Clubs Network.                                                                         

As we conclude this insightful conversation with Dr. Tariq Nizami, Founder & CEO and Ms. Sarah Dong, Managing Partner, it is evident that their leadership, combined with a shared vision, propels CEO Clubs Network toward new heights. Their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and operational excellence serves as a beacon for the entire team. As continues its journey, we eagerly anticipate the impact of these dynamic leaders on the future of the industry.

About CEO Clubs Network:

CEO Clubs Network Worldwide is the largest Business Networking organization where exclusive elite members get connected with CEOs & Senior Executives across various industries globally for more than 3 decade old business organization having chapters in more than 50 countries with strong Regional office in Dubai, UAE presence under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum, Dubai Royal Family Member for more than 18 years ( www.ceoclubsnetwork.org & www.ceoclubs.ae ) and a winner of more than 55 international awards including only private organization winner of Dubai Quality Appreciation Award 2017 presented by the His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. CEO Clubs has received special recognition from the Chairman of Expo 2020 Dubai for its significant contributions throughout the six months of the Dubai Expo.



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