Auxein Medical introduces new products in the Trauma and Arthroscopy categories along with a wide range of advanced orthopaedic implants in the concourse on stand CC99

31st January 2024, Dubai, UAE: Auxein Medical, an orthopaedic implant manufacturer and exporter, is presenting its latest innovations within the medical technology segment at Arab Health, which is taking place at the World Trade Centre from January 29th to February 1st. Auxein returns to Arab Health for the 13th consecutive year to strengthen their relationships further and provide their latest innovations to the UAE market.

“Auxein Medical is at the forefront of transformation in the med-tech field. We are continuously adopting cutting-edge technologies to meet the dynamic challenges of Orthopaedic care. In addition to our robust R&D setup, we have over thirty ongoing clinical trials across the globe, covering our entire range of products. We are glad to be back in Dubai, connecting with various surgeons and businesses worldwide,” said Rahul Luthra, International Sales Director, Auxein Medical.

Auxein’s line of implants and tools enables surgeons in over 70 countries worldwide to carry out minimally invasive surgeries, further saving time in trauma-related cases. They are presenting their new Trauma range, including 2.4mm AV-wiselock Hand and Wrist Arthrodesis plates, AV-wiselock low profile distal radius plates, AV-wiselock Foot Arthrodesis plates, Radial head replacement, Retro Distal tibia Nail, and a complete range for foot and ankle.

As a global exporter of orthopaedic implants, Auxein prides itself on empowering surgeons to carry out surgeries with higher accuracy, ultimately providing better treatment and overall care. Surgeons and business entities can view Auxein’s new arthroscopy range, including a Gyrolock knotless screw in anchor, Knot Pusher with Suture Cutter for Meniscal Repair,  Knotless Push-In Suture Anchor with Driver with Suture Passer, Flykuter type I, Menifix – All Inside Meniscal Repair System and Suture passer.

Auxein aims to improve people’s lives throughout the world, with its core mission to help people function better with innovation in orthopaedic and arthroscopic surgery. Furthermore, they put heavy focus on educating others, including doctors and organisations, with various training and webinars. Growing stronger with their vision of excellence, Auxein has achieved 510k acceptance of their DHS/DCS plate system, and Tibia and Fibula system.

The product range can be accessed at

About Auxein Medical 

Auxein Medical is a leading orthopaedic implant manufacturer and global exporter based in the USA, Mexico, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Reaching over 70+ countries, Auxein Medical has the prestigious Medical Device Single Audit Program Certification, including India’s first Medical Equipment Testing Lab. Auxein designs, manufactures, and exports a vast range of premium products, including implants and instrument sets for trauma and spine, power tools, external fixators, and general instruments at a competitive price.

The brand specialises in observing regulatory norms and follows stringent quality checks in compliance with the requirements of US FDA. Adhering to the strictest standards in quality control, product design and development, prototyping, packaging, and sterilisation, all the products are certified by CE, in compliance with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (as amended 2007/47/EC) and packaged as per EN 980 standards.


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