Famous Chinese Singer Jeff Chang Honored as AIM Culture Friendship Ambassador in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, 19 February 2024: Renowned Chinese pop singer, Jeff Chang, was conferred with the prestigious AIM Culture Friendship Ambassadorship in Dubai, UAE. The singer was nominated by Dawood Al Shezawi, the esteemed President of the AIM Global Foundation and the AIM Congress, during Award Ceremony held on February 18, 2024. Walid Farghal, The Director General of AIM Congress participated in the event as well.

The AIM Culture Friendship Ambassador in an individual who has made significant contributions to fostering cultural exchange, promoting understanding, and enriching global communities through their artistic endeavors. Jeff Chang’s illustrious career, marked by his chart-topping sentimental Mandarin pop ballads and his tireless philanthropic efforts, embodies the spirit of cultural diplomacy and social responsibility.

Jeff Chang expressed his gratitude for receiving the AIM Culture Ambassador Award, stating: “It is a tremendous honor to be recognized as a cultural ambassador by the AIM Global Foundation. I am deeply humbled by this prestigious honor, and I remain committed to using my music as a catalyst for fostering understanding, unity, and mutual respect across cultures.”

During the award ceremony, Mariam Gao, the China Country Director of AIM Congress, presented Jeff Chang with the book “My Vision,” authored by the UAE Prime Minister, Vice President, and the Ruler of Dubai H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This book aims to provide Mr. Jeff with insights into Arab leadership and country development.

In addition to the book, Ms. Mariam also carefully selected two paintings by local Arab artist Ahmed Ismail: “Calligraphy Tanoura Man” and “Red Camel,” both showcasing intricate Arab calligraphy. She emphasized the importance of cultural exchange with the voice of love, quoting a poem by Rumi.

This gesture aimed to enrich Jeff’s understanding of Arab culture and heritage, fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistic and literary contributions of the region.

Jeff Chang’s artistic prowess and cultural resonance have garnered widespread acclaim, earning him numerous accolades throughout his illustrious career. Notable among his achievements are his victories at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, the Huading Awards in China, and the Singapore Hit Awards, among others.

With a discography spanning over 32 albums and EPs, Jeff Chang has continually captivated audiences with his soulful performances and meaningful lyrics, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the global music scene.

The AIM Culture Friendship Ambassadorship serves as a testament to Jeff Chang’s outstanding contributions to the world of music and his unwavering commitment to fostering cultural understanding and social impact. His influence transcends borders, bringing people together through the universal language of music.

The AIM Global Foundation, under the visionary leadership of Dawood Al Shezawi, remains steadfast in its mission to unite the world for a positive economic, environmental, and social impact. Through initiatives like the AIM Congress, the foundation continues to empower businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors, driving economic growth and fostering international cooperation.

The 2024 AIM Congress, scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi from May 7-9, 2024, is an integral part of the AIM Global Foundation’s initiatives, and serves as a premier platform for investment, innovation, and collaboration. With its theme for 2024, “Adapting to a Shifting Investment Landscape: Harnessing New Potential for Global Economic Development,” the congress remains committed to addressing the evolving challenges and opportunities in the global investment landscape.


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