Luxury Perfumery Pioneer Navitus Parfums Launches in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Navitus Parfums, the niche luxury perfumery brand imagined in the UAE and crafted by world-class master perfumers from France, officially launched in the UAE today.

This marks a significant milestone for a brand that continues to redefine the global luxury perfumery experience with its commitment to quality, sustainability, and direct engagement with consumers.

At an exclusive launch event at Atelier Perfumery in Dubai, Navitus Parfums unveiled its bespoke fragrances offering discerning guests and perfume enthusiasts a unique and enchanting olfactory experience crafted by the expertise of its master perfumers.

Guests at the launch were treated to a truly immersive and personalized experience, hosted by Founder & CEO Hayan Merchant, and guided by the master perfumers themselves, gaining insights into their creative process and inspirations.

The evening was further enhanced by Chef Karim from renowned pâtisserie La Parisienne who served up some delectable sweet canapes and drinks created especially for the occasion and inspired by the most talked about Navitus fragrances.  

“Dubai, with its rich cultural heritage and appreciation for luxury, serves as an ideal location for the regional launch. The city’s status as a global hub for perfumery aligns with Navitus Parfums’ aspirations for international recognition. The launch at Atelier Perfumery not only establishes Navitus Parfums in the UAE market but also sets the stage for potential collaborations, events, and further expansion in the region,” said Hayan Merchant.

Driven by a deep-rooted passion for luxury perfumery inherited from his family’s love for natural, artisanal scents, Hayan transitioned from a successful career in a family business conglomerate to pursue a childhood dream. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey into the world of fragrance, where he immersed himself in the art and science of perfumery.

His two-year odyssey included learning from skilled artisans and master perfumers about high-quality ingredients, perfumery distillation and the meticulous craft of developing clean and sustainable fragrances. A pivotal moment came when Hayan explored the enchanting rose fields in Grasse, France, solidifying his commitment to establishing Navitus Parfums.

He made immediate waves in the fragrance industry with the release of Navitus’ inaugural collection in 2019 featuring seven unique fragrances in the United States. The unprecedented success was evident as the entire collection sold out within 12 hours in New York, even before customers had the chance to experience the scents firsthand.

Navitus Parfums’ commitment to excellence and innovation led the brand to be honoured with the prestigious USA’s Up and Coming Niche Perfumery Brand of the Year award in 2023 in the United States, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the luxury perfumery landscape.

Here in the UAE, the brand will be showcasing its luxe collection.

This includes the brand’s distinct hero fragrances, each embodying a unique olfactory journey:

Baklava Royale: A symphony of pistachio, almond, honey, and vanilla, capturing the essence of a sunlit afternoon and freshly baked treats.

Ambrosia Imperiale: An intoxicating blend of creamy banana exotic davana, sweet dates, and warm cinnamon, radiating sophistication and allure.

Chocolate Queen: Opulent indulgence with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, praline, and vanilla, a fragrance fit for royalty.

Venom of Love: A bewitching elixir of cherry, bitter almond, rose petals, and decadent chocolate, igniting flames of passion and romance.

Vivamor: A celebration of life and love, with invigorating freshness, sensual rose, saffron, patchouli, and oakmoss, exuding allure and complexity.

Eidola: An angelic rush of rose, pear, jasmine, bergamot, and vanilla, creating a delicate, sensual blend for confident women.

Crème Imperiale: Opening with Sicilian lemon, plum, iris, cinnamon, and jasmine sambac, leading to a unique velvet jasmine accord, and finally joined by guaiacwood, cedarwood, and benzoin for a lasting, sensual night.

Amorous Intense: A luscious elixir celebrating the intoxicating allure of love, igniting passion and desire with each spritz of pear, apple, caramel and whipped cream.

Signature fragrances that regional customers can look forward to:

Aura Ultime: A transformative fragrance with invigorating notes of cypress, nutmeg, lime, and coffee, anchoring your aura in confidence.

Desir Infini: A powerful scent with red fruits, Italian lemon, Egyptian geranium, saffron, oud, leather, smoked wood, and amber.

Nuit Royale: Exuding confidence for a royal night, with saffron, incense, Egyptian geranium, Moroccan rose, amberwood, raspberry, oud wood, birch tar, and Siam benzoin.

Luxe Absolu: Crafted around a classy chypre accord, blending Indian Ginger, Saffron, Turkish Rose, Italian Orris, Laotian Oud, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Leather, and Oakmoss.

Paradis Exotique: A hypnotic blend bursting with bright notes like Calabrian Bergamot, Sicilian mandarin, Indian ginger, jasmin sambac, Tahitian ylang-ylang, Turkish rose, orchid, Madagascan vanilla, tonka, sandalwood, and Virginian cedarwood.

Lost In A Dream: A fragrance beckoning into the enchanting realm of reverie, with notes of croissant, milk, marshmallow, fig nectar, cinnamon, coffee, and vanilla.

Reve Nuit: Capturing the enchanting essence of a dreamy night with lemon custard, cardamom, neroli, rosemary, vanilla, cedarwood, and vetiver.

Miel Extase: A symphony of honey-kissed sweetness with dried fruits, apricot, toffee, vanilla, and dark chocolate.

“By bringing together the expertise of renowned and award-winning master perfumers and the distinct fragrance offerings from Navitus in a luxurious and immersive setting using the highest concentration of pure perfume oils in our fragrances, we were able to capture the imagination of both fragrance enthusiasts and connoisseurs today,” said Mr. Merchant at the launch event.

“At Navitus we aspire to redefine the way fragrance is experienced. We believe that scent is a powerful expression of identity, and our carefully curated blends are designed to resonate with the diverse facets of every individual.  Our journey in the UAE has just begun, and we are excited about the stories that will unfold as our fragrances find their way into the hearts and lives of those who appreciate the finer things in life,” he added.

With prices starting at AED 630, Navitus Parfums will be available at Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Dubai, in addition to other locations including Atelier Perfumery at Galleria Mall Dubai, Mirdiff City Center, Yas Mall, Dalma Mall, City Centre Al Zahia, and also Karji stores in Deerfields Mall Abu Dhabi, Forsan Central Mall Abu Dhabi, Rahmania Mall Sharjah and Mall Shamka, Abu Dhabi



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