Eleventh UAE International Orthopaedic Congress concludes in Abu Dhabi

Participants: The UAE provides the finest treatment services and there is no reason to receive treatment outside the UAE

Call to continue supporting and strengthening the medical tourism system in various medical specialties

At the end of its work yesterday, the eleventh UAE International Orthopaedic Conference, organized by the Emirates Orthopaedic Division of the Emirates Medical Association over three days at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi, called on medical institutions in the country to continue supporting and strengthening the medical tourism system in the country, which now attracts thousands of patients to receive treatment annually in various medical specialties, including orthopedics.

Participants in the conference stressed that the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have many advanced medical centers that have all the capabilities of medical cadres and modern devices, in addition to the uses of robotics, augmented artificial intelligence and assistive technologies, to attract many patients who seek treatment within the country, whether from the Gulf countries or the Middle East.

They also stressed that doctors will continue practical training and continuing medical education and seize the available opportunities to complete their research in modern techniques in orthopedic surgeries using robotics and artificial intelligence.

They also stressed that the health care system in the United Arab Emirates, especially in the fields of orthopedics, enjoys high professionalism and applies the highest international medical standards and practices through the availability of the best medical staff and the latest treatment technologies, and there is no reason to travel and treat outside the country, except for some very rare cases.

Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi, Head of the Orthopaedic Division at the Emirates Medical Association and Chairman of the Conference, said that the discussions of the last day focused on accidents that lead to foot and ankle injuries, and then focused on fractures, ligament injuries and sports injuries, and discussed all the latest developments related to diagnosis or treatment of ankle arthroscopy and minor surgical intervention for congenital deformities in the foot.

He stressed that the prevailing belief in society of the need to perform cruciate ligament surgery, especially for athletes abroad, has become a belief that needs to be re-established, especially since our health institutions in this field have become comparable to major international centers abroad in terms of expertise, techniques and even in terms of medical care after cruciate ligament surgery, all our doctors in those institutions have completed advanced medical courses in the treatment of these injuries and completed recent studies in the care of these injuries, including cruciate ligament rupture and ligaments. Ankle and all these operations are done with the latest scientific methods just as they are performed abroad, pointing out that there is no significant difference between performing cruciate ligament operations outside or inside the country, as they are done in the same way and with the same techniques and medical expertise.

Dr. Al Suwaidi added that the Emirates Medical Association and the Orthopedic Division have always been proactive in providing distinguished training opportunities for doctors within the country, thus avoiding the trouble of traveling to attend conferences and training courses abroad, and that the UAE International Orthopedic Conference in its eleventh session confirms this orientation of the Association, as the conference has been interested throughout its history with an extensive presentation of all modern developments and from different countries of the world, which provides an annual opportunity for UAE doctors to see all that is new and innovative in the specialties of orthopedics. We continue this trend that serves doctors, technicians and nursing staff in our health institutions, which ultimately leads to providing excellent treatment services and medical care to patients.


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