Emarat grants Al Maryah Community Bank the first naming rights to its stations

  • This marks the inaugural strategic partnership within Project Landmark between Emarat and its partners
  • Al Maryah Community Bank becomes the first entity in both the UAE and globally to secure the rights to name a fuel station
  • The agreement goes beyond commercial promotion to elevate the stations’ presence as a comprehensive and integrated platform
  • Al Shamsi: This step underscores the business community’s confidence in Emarat’s approach and the project’s positive economic impact
  • Khayata: This partnership strengthens our position and improves customers’ experiences through secure, seamless, and fast payments

21 March 2024, Dubai, UAE: Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat) announced the granting of the first naming rights for its fuel stations to Al Maryah Community Bank, a leading digital bank in the UAE, marking the inaugural strategic partnership between Emarat and its partners within Project Landmark.

Under this partnership, Al Maryah Community Bank becomes the inaugural entity, both locally and globally, to secure the rights to name a fuel station. This move goes beyond commercial promotion, driving fuel stations to become comprehensive and integrated platforms that contribute to driving the growth of business operations, elevating customer service and serving as new destinations that enrich customer experience.

Emarat is set to initiate the renaming process and transform the station’s look and feel to incorporate the joint visual identity across its external spaces and facilities, along with additional agreed-upon changes in the upcoming period.

Project Landmark, which was launched by Emarat in March 2024, represents a strategic milestone among fuel stations in the UAE and the world by introducing a new model for strategic partnerships between Emarat and its partners. This is based on Emarat’s approach to providing value-added services to customers and enhancing their experiences

Reflecting the Business Community’s Confidence in Emarat’s Approach

His Excellency Eng. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director General of Emarat, said: “We’re proud to partner with Al Maryah Community Bank, making it the first entity to secure naming rights to one of Emarat’s fuel stations under Project Landmark. This move underscores the business community’s confidence in Emarat’s strategic approach. Moreover, it highlights the positive economic impact of this project and the unique opportunities it offers. These opportunities empower companies and relevant stakeholders to prioritize customers as the focal point of their business and activities.”

“This project underscores the strategic significance of Emarat stations, showcasing the promising returns for both existing and prospective partners. It aims to establish a groundbreaking commercial sector within the service and retail domains, spanning local, regional, and global landscapes,” His Excellency added.

Mohammed Wassim Khayata, CEO of Al Maryah Community Bank, said: “Al Maryah Community Bank is honored to establish the inaugural strategic partnership with Emarat under Project Landmark, becoming the first entity globally to secure naming rights for a fuel station. This initiative stems from innovative strategies aimed at enhancing our bank’s visibility and elevating customer experiences across fuel stations and affiliated stores.”

“Through our Mbank Wallet application, customers can execute safe, seamless, and fast payment transactions by scanning the QR code at the checkout counters using their mobile phones. We are confident that this collaboration will lead us towards a prosperous future, offering our customers convenient solutions that enhance satisfaction and attract new customers, thus solidifying our position as a leading digital bank in the UAE,” he added.

Integrated Business Models

Emarat stations witnessed the launch of Al Maryah Community Bank’s Mbank Wallet digital wallet services, which allow Emarat station customers to conduct safe and smooth contactless payment transactions after refueling their vehicles and when purchasing goods at FreshPlus station stores, by scanning the QR code at the mobile payment counters. Customers can also avail various services designed to earn MPoints, access exclusive offers from the Lifestyle Program offered by Al Maryah Community Bank, and redeem rewards.

Mbank Wallet is the first digital wallet in the United Arab Emirates that has been approved and licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE. Through this initiative, users can effortlessly establish an account using their Emirates ID and facilitate money transfers to and from other UAE banks solely through IBAN numbers. This achieves broader financial inclusion and enables any UAE citizen or resident to access financial products via Al Maryah Community Bank, significantly impacts the way they live and work. Users can add money to their Mbank Wallet through cash deposits via Mbank ATMS or any of the 400+ foreign money exchange and remittance Mbank partner branches across the UAE.

Strategic Shift

Emarat recently launched Project Landmark, the first of its kind in the UAE and globally, to offer companies and brands with an unprecedented opportunity to secure naming rights for Emarat’s service stations, which are strategically located in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. It will also allow them to integrate their business models within these service stations, driving customer happiness and satisfaction to new heights.

The project contributes to broadening the brand presence of both local and international companies. By offering an innovative business platform, it empowers companies in reaching their customers and delivering valuable services to them. This aligns with the high standards of excellence set by the UAE’s wise leadership for evaluating companies and classifying them based on their customer service practices, which remain the top priority.

For over four decades, Emarat has been a trusted provider of services to millions of customers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, offering high-quality fuel at modern service stations, alongside other retail activities. Emarat offers its services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across more than 139 service stations in strategic locations, which see a massive turnout of about 8,000 cars per day.



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