DIHAD 2024: Spotlight on Gender Equality, Youth Empowerment, and Global Health Advocacy by Humanitarian Leaders

  • “The DIHAD Glasshouse” supports new project insights and ideas
  • The Event Addresses Global Crises and Ending Poverty Solutions

Dubai, UAE 24th April 2024: The second day of the 20th edition of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition (DIHAD 2024) continued with 24 main sessions and 144 innovative workshops. 

This year, DIHAD 2024 brings together key decision-makers from leading NGOs, UN Agencies, charity organizations, and governmental bodies, together with aid, education, and construction providers from the private sector, to address the needs of people and countries affected by crises, disasters, and natural calamities under the theme “Humanitarian Diplomacy and a Journey to the Future.”.

The activities of DIHAD Glasshouse carried on today its specialized workshops, serving as a sustainable incubator for emerging humanitarians. It empowers them to bring their projects to fruition by fostering partnerships, facilitating meaningful discussions, sharing expertise, and innovating solutions for the betterment of humanity.

The focus of the second day’s sessions encompassed a variety of topics, with attendees engaging in discussions aimed at optimizing resource allocation to ensure the provision of top-tier healthcare and education services.

Ms. Laila Baker, Regional Director for Arab States at the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), emphasized the pivotal role of humanitarian diplomacy in addressing gender equality issues, particularly concerning women and youth.

In her address, she underscored the complicated challenges faced by women, highlighting the interconnectivity of their experiences amidst complex crises.

Central to her message, Ms. Laila Baker underscored the importance of increased inclusion and empowerment of women and youth, acknowledging their capacity to drive transformative change in humanitarian responses.

Additionally, she emphasized that fostering gender equality is not only a moral imperative but also essential for building resilient and sustainable communities in the face of adversity.
In the same session, from his side, H.E. Dherar Belhoul Al Falasi, Executive Director of the Watani Al Emarat Foundation and the PAM Special Representative on Children and Conflict, delivered a compelling speech on the amplified significance of women and youth in humanitarian diplomacy.

H.E. Dherar Belhoul Al Falasi stated: “Inclusive policies and initiatives are essential in addressing the diverse needs of women and youth, particularly in conflict-affected regions. Empowering them as key agents of change and actively involving them in decision-making processes and humanitarian initiatives is vital. Gender equality and youth empowerment play pivotal roles in fostering sustainable and inclusive humanitarian action.”

As part of the UAE’s vision to empower its youth and raise awareness about humanitarian action, DIHAD 2024 organized “Children of DIHAD.” The session, entitled “The Diplomacy in Giving World,” provided a platform for children to discuss their contributions to humanitarian diplomacy and teamwork to ensure charity reaches those in need. This initiative aims to involve children in societal development and community inclusion.

Furthermore, during a session titled “Humanitarian Diplomacy: Leadership and New Actors,” distinguished experts in the humanitarian sector gathered to delve into the crucial topic of navigating leadership dynamics amidst the evolving landscape of global crisis response.

The session aimed to shed light on the difficult relationship between traditional humanitarian actors and emerging stakeholders in addressing complex humanitarian challenges. From his end, Mr. Panos Moumtzis, Executive Director of the Global Executive Leadership Initiative (GELI), shared his experiences in navigating supply chain challenges and fostering collaboration among diverse humanitarian actors. These discussions aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities and opportunities inherent in contemporary humanitarian leadership.

In the session titled “Humanitarian Diplomacy and Global Health Challenges,” esteemed individuals deeply engaged in the intersection of humanitarian affairs and public health shared different perspectives. Dr. Mukesh Kapila, Professor Emeritus of Global Health and Humanitarian Affairs at the University of Manchester and former Under Secretary-General of the IFRC, provided insights into the complexities of addressing health crises in humanitarian settings.

Additionally, H.E. Paul Bekkers, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN and WTO in Geneva and former Special Envoy for Mental Health, offered valuable perspectives on the diplomatic dimensions of tackling mental health challenges within humanitarian contexts.

Dr. Nehal Hefny, Deputy Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa at IFRC, contributed insights into the unique health challenges faced by communities in the region, highlighting the importance of tailored humanitarian responses.

Besides, the speakers emphasized the urgency of integrating health considerations into diplomatic efforts and humanitarian interventions to ensure effective responses to current and future global health crises.

Finally, they discussed ways to connect resources to help developing countries and end the world’s poverty crisis.

DIHAD remains a vital platform for aid providers to connect with pertinent corporate and governmental partners, cultivating impactful collaborations aimed at assisting those in need. The event consistently draws global humanitarian participants, facilitating meaningful engagement and action on a worldwide scale, and tomorrow marks the continuation of its third day, where global collaborations and outcomes of the event will be announced.



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